Not Playing by the Rules

I spent most of graduate school writing essays about how most of the Western world operated in a patriarchal structure for much of recorded history.  Feminist theory and pro-feminist figures and characters were some of my favorite subjects.  Even so, it gets tedious after a while to continually read and write about women who fought social expectation and restraint (and often failed tragically – Duchess of Malfie, anyone?).

So coming at history and literature from this combative lens, it was truly a delight to stumble across Jason Porath’s Reject Princesses Blog.  Porath, a former animator, shares stories of women from across times and cultures, historical, legendary, mythical, and everything in between.  Not to mention, he illustrates everything!

He focuses on women most people haven’t heard of (and a few they have) and tells their stories of action, leadership, intelligence, and general badassery.  Highly recommend for an engaging, enlightening read.  He adopts a conversational, informal tone in his writing so it’s quite light and humorous.

A couple of my favorite entries include:


Photo Credit: Becky Stewart

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